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Hello all.
I have finally gotten around to updating these pages, and sorting as needed.

I was able to find archives of most of the original pages, and have created new ones, as well.
This site ( is now the host for miscellanous activities and sites, as listed below.

May 22, 2010 at 20:15 CST, Laura's water broke, and Miss Emily is on her way.
To celebrate, and document, I have made a gallery for her.


Then on September 03, 2012 at 16:05 CST, Laura's water broke again, and now Miss Sarah is on her way.
To celebrate, and document, I have made a gallery for her also.


**UPDATE! 13 March 2024**

After battling cancer for the past 3+ months (but could have been over a year), we put Leo to sleep yesterday.
He was born 12 Feb 2014 and passed yesterday 12 March 2024.
He was a good dog, loved riding in the truck, running with me around the neighborhood and chasing tennis balls.
He should have been dead 7 times over his 10 year life.
He survived Parvo in June 2014. His sister did not survive it. Leo spend almost a month in a bathtub and I was giving him IV fluid 3x day. This lead to his life-long fear of bathrooms.
He was bit by cottonmouth around 2015 (gave him lots of benadryl). His throat swole up so bad he looked like he swallowed a basketball.
Tested positive for heartworms in August of 2016, couple weeks before the flood.
He almost drowned in the Denham Springs flood of 2016 while being kenneled at his vet. We had lost our home and was living in a hotel, so we thought we had lost him. A week or so later, his vet called and told us the story of going to get all the animals he had in the kennel in a little aluminum boat. This lead to his fear of water.
He was run over by a delivery truck around 2017. No scratches or other marks. I think he was bumped over and the truck straddled him.
Sometime in late 2020 he found a chicken bone in the yard and hid it from us. Laura heard him gagging in our room, and we find the bone stuck in his throat. She heimlich'd him for what seemed like forever (but was probably 45s or so), and got the bone out.
Then in July 2021 he aspirated water after a rather long neighborhood run, leading to pneumonia. Took him 3 weeks to start feeling better, but stopped eating cat food and started dog food.
Then on January 19 2024, I took him to start heartworm treatments again. After a quick exam, Dr. Hood informed me Leo is ate up with cancer.
We had a great extra 3 months with him, and we are so grateful that God gave him to us.
He is sorely missed, and can never be replaced.
I have made a gallery for him, too.
Leo, the old Baton Rouge CB Radio site.
There is also my Projects page for those interested.  

WiNE is a collection of screenshots of various games I have played over the years on the linux box under WiNE and various versions of Mandrake Linux.

**UPDATE! 7 Dec, 2012**
Today I went to check on frog around noon, and found him dead.
I got him around the 15th of November, 2004, so he was a little over 8 years old.
Frog, my iguana,

A Gallery of miscellaneous, funny, risque, and otherwise odd pictures careful if you go here....there's a lot to look at and you may stay a while.

Due to questions over the years, I have started a page documenting my current and past computers that I remember.  
That project can be found here at my Personal Computer page.
**UPDATE! 3 Sep 2014**
After the SECOND unfortunate incident with chocolate syrup and carpet and a 2 year old (the first was the same thing with a 4 year old), My main server has been shutdown, moved, and my entire internal network as been updated.
When I get everything set up and working as I want it to, I will make a post/page about how I have DynamicDNS, DHCP, and Shoreline Firewall (Shorewall) setup for 6 networks, as I COULD NOT find anything on it online.

The Alasiya.Net website is active again, and now hosts my game emulators and information about them.

Alasiya UO is the Ultima Online emulator I have ran since 1999.
Features and Shard Info can be found at the About Alasiya page.
Updates mostly stopped as of November 2007, with Client support to v7.0.2 and 90% complete.
More update info and some history can be found on the Updates and History file.
We are running, and I am currently looking for players and staff.

Alasiya WoW is the World of Warcraft 3.3.5 emulator I started running in July 2011.  
Still have a few bugs, but most (95%) everything works.
This server is looking for staff, dev, and players.
Anyone interested in development or looking for a server to GM or play on is welcome.

Alasiya EvE is the EvE Online emulator (EvEmu) I recently found and wanted to try.  
I have the latest build for Crucible as my test server with a lot of my own updates, and it is subject to random restarts.
I am no longer hosting Zuko's Apocrypha build, due to code problems I cannot fix.
The server is still in early development, so not much is working yet, but I am adding more.
Here is a list of the current status of the Crucible project.
Here is a list of the current status of my Crucible Code (Alasiya EvE).
I have installed a forum for the EvE server, and it can be found here.

I will post more later.

73 de ke5jro
Orn & Tuo Forgmanson (Killer & Slash)
Zhyrohaad Rhyall/Zhy Domani (Zhy)
Leeanthonie Rastlin/Lee Domani (Lee)
Zyenathalous Blab'baran/Zyen Domani (Zyen)
Rayus Domani (Ray)

Goodbye Egon
Oh Captain, My Captain.
Your trip is done.
and You will be missed.

Today is

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